Who was that burglar?

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Know thy burglar:

  1. The typical burglar is an inexperienced teenage male
  2. On average, the thief works just a mile or two from his home
  3. Most home invasions occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the residents are working
  4. About 34% of the time, thieves go in the front door, 23% of the time they go through the first-floor window and 22% of the time they go in the back door. Often these points of entry are unlocked.
  5. 65% of burglaries happen in residential areas
  6. The first stop for a thief is the master bedroom
  7. Burglars prefer to rob an unoccupied home
  8. Burglars will take any item they can pawn or sell at a yard sale or flea market
  9. They spend an average of 8 to 12 minutes going through your things
  10. Homes without a security system are three times more likely to be robbed.
  11. Burglars love stuff that fits in pillowcases, or can be gathered in a sheet or large trash bag: CDs DVDs Video games are all easy to turn into cash.
  12. Power tools are another favorite, make sure you mark your tools and have serial numbers recorded.

This infographic helps put things in perspective:

In Dayton Ohio, we’ve seen a huge increase in burglaries of vacant homes, especially foreclosed ones. Copper thefts and even aluminum siding have been driving numbers up, but also, thefts from garages and nuisance thefts of porch and patio furniture, grills, aluminum gutter downspouts and even metal wind chimes. Many of these nuisance thefts go unreported. Security cameras can decrease the likelihood of these types of crimes.

If the burglar does take your property, the first thing the police will ask for is serial numbers, descriptions of what was stolen. A complete and well documented home inventory will be the best tool the police can ask for after your break-in.

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